Keep your employees safe as well as your assets

SafetyEnable is the absolute solution to help you manage the safety and of your organisations manpower and assets, reducing its impact on the capital, while being completely compliant with the latest industry standards 

Manage Safety
Avoid Risks
Be Compliant

Agile reporting of incidents as they occur enabling quicker corrective measures

Keep a check on potential hazards with regular and easily reportable inspections 

Maintain your compliance as per the latest OSHA standards 

Why choose SafetyEnable
Fast Onboarding and Setup
Compliance Management
Detailed Reporting and Analytics
Constant Development & Support

The only solution you need

Each module and feature is integrated to enable you to manage the safety compliance of your workplace with utter simplicity. Our software gives you the best functionality right out of the box and is highly customizable to meet your unique requirements. 

Inspections & Observations

Perform and record regular inspection data of your equipment and facility which can be retrieved whenever needed 

Corrective Actions

Assign and track the progress of any corrective measures taken to resolve deformities identified ad safety hazards

Incident Management

Report any workplace incident within moments. Enable faster actions and reduced risks in future through comprehensive analysis

Compliance Management

Keeps you attune with OSHA regulations with automatically generated reports and audit forms.

Reports & Dashboard

Single screen to visualize all the data across your facility and analyze recent trends in safety management

Hazard Monitoring

Separately monitor the progress over each identified hazard and their associated corrective actions


About Us

Kodemuse has developed a platform for modeling web and mobile applications.  Business applications are hosted in tier-1 data centers around the world to ensure 24x7 business continuity. We have deployed custom solutions and products in many different domains such as retail, advertising, health care, security, oil, and gas. This has given us a rich set of modules and modeling experience that can be applied to meet your business needs. Customer Satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We take great pride in our on-time delivery and ability to meet quick turnaround requests while exceeding customer quality demands.


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